Hear the stories of people who has met Jesus!

Below you find some stories from people who met Jesus. They all tell about a positive change in their lives as they got to know him.

You can find more stories from different people by downloading the app WonByOne. My friends are making this app:)


Forgiven and free!

Bjørnar grew up going to church. Yet it wasn't until he did something that gave him a really bad conscience that he started seeking Jesus.

As he got to know Jesus, Bjørnar found forgiveness and freedom.

Suddenly I got peace!

Marta strived to get a good job and salary, thinking this would satisfy her and provide a good life.

But even when she experienced material wealth and success she felt this emptiness within. Then she started crying out to God for help and answers.

Now - I belong!

For Michael, his whole upbringing was challenging. He kept searching for the purpose and value of his own life.

Finally be came across a web-page talking about people who had experienced Jesus. For Micheal, the surprise was quite huge as be discovered that Jesus cares about him and has the power to transform his life.

My new best friend

Gabriela lived through years of bullying during her school years.

One day she got to know Jesus and he started putting new hope within her. Today she enjoys a good life, together with Jesus.