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So you want to know more about me? How great! My name is Susanne. As a kid I generally got called Susanne. Here in Norway, nicknames are not so common. But from time to time some of my cousins would call me Suzi. I remember actually liking this nickname.

As I started making some of the illustrations you might have come across, I started saving them as Suzi this and that, just for the fun of it all to myself.

Personally I'm quite a quiet person, to the surprise of some. I enjoy time to myself a lot, and I enjoy even more to spend time with others. All in the right porpoprtions!

I guess the main thing in my life is my love for Jesus, Sven, and my kids. Then I like to do thing, or rather; make things. Yet my surprise was huge when I felt God telling me to start making illustrations. So it started out like: Susanne does things she can't do! Below you can see some of the prosess, from a 12 year olds drawing to today's illustrations.

You may like or dislike what I do and say, still remember; life is best lived!

Hugs Susanne


This idea of sharing Jesus on social media also costs money. So if you would like to join me in this effort, please feel free to do so. is organized as a non-profit in Norway with the org. nr: 913 276 841

In Norway you can give by VIPPS # 553113.

From other countries, please contact me for bank transfer details.

Thank you!

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